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Your Angel Watches Over You

There's one thing that I know is true,

no matter where you are or what you do,

through everything she'll see you through.

Your angel watches over you.

I said to God a special prayer

to watch over you with special care.

Though she is here and you are there,

your angel goes with you everywhere.

She wants to hold you by the hand,

and she will always understand

how hard it is to take command,

how difficult to take a stand.

Your angel's with you when things are bad.

She holds your hand when you are sad.

She soothes your brow when you are mad.

She laughs with you when you are glad.

Your angel loves you, it is true

and in everything you ever do,

when you are happy, when you are blue,

your angel watches over you!

Alexandra Webb ~
Used with permission
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18 May 2003.

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