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On Wings of Love

On wings of love
the angels soar,
the lions roar
in the still of night.
Yet all is well
and peace will dwell
for in God's kingdom
all is right.

He's always there
to hear a prayer
and he answers
with a smile,
sometimes says, "yes"
sometimes says, "no"
sometimes it's 
"wait a while."

Yet, this I know -
He loves me so
and wants 
what's best for me.
I know I must
give Him my trust
and accept
whatever will be.

~ Alexandra Webb ~
Copyright October, 2003
©used with permission
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Performed by 
Margi Harrell
Please feel free to visit her wonderful site right HERE.
This midi along with more wonderful compositions and/or performances are available at Ms. Harrell's site on CDs. Wonderful gifts.  If you wish to use her music on your personal web site you must contact Ms. Harrell.  This beautiful song His Amazing Grace.