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"When You Pray, God Listens"

When you pray to God above,

those prayers are covered with His love.

He hears each prayer you send His way

and guides the steps you take each day..

He counts each hair upon your head

and knows each drop that you have bled.

He knows the robin as it flies

and hears a baby when it cries.


Your sorrows are His sorrows too.

He always knows when you are blue.

He wants to dry those falling tears

and take away all of your fears.

God always listens when you pray,

hears each and every word you say.

He always answers, this I know.

it's just, sometimes, He must say "no."

The time may not be right, just yet,

 certain requirements may not be met.

God sees the future and what it brings

while we are limited in all these things.

He always knows what's best for you

and wants your dreams to all come true.

He always listens when you pray

and hears your heart's desire each day.

Alexandra Webb ~
© March 2001 Used with permission
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